The Curriculum Master of Engineering of Pantheon Assas University is a selective 5-year program (undergraduate and graduate) in quantitative methods in economics and finance. Emphasis is given on practical computer sciences teaching. It belongs to the FIGURE network which gathers more than 15 French Universities which have decided to join forces to create a major engineering training offer to French and international students.

cropped-capture-decc81cran-2016-05-26-22-21-09.pngAround 30 students are selected among a large amount of candidates every year. They benefit from a personalized guidance and mentoring.

During their undergraduate studies, our students take extra classes in mathematics, statistics, economics theory and finance in addition to the standard undergraduate program of Paris Assas University. They are engaged from the first year of their studies in work on personal projects that aim at initiating students to applied research. Students have also to do practical trainings in firms or in unit research.

During their graduate studies, our students take courses from faculties and professionals. The last year of the master is an apprenticeship program allowing students to get a stong professional experience.

Our students find jobs mainly in bank and insurance companies as buisness analyst, risk analyst,…


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